I Want To Accomplish A Lot Today

by Peach Creek

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released September 24, 2014



all rights reserved


Peach Creek Chicago, Illinois

Listen In The Car.

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Track Name: Tangled Tongues
Take these fingers so I can't write again
Sew my mouth shut so I can't misspeak
Fold me up, and drop me off along the edge of the road.

I don't know how far I'll have to walk away from this,
and if I'll ever go far enough to live.
Everything races by so quickly I just dissapear and fall into a daze.
If we're all alienated, then are we not ourselves,
or was I more myself alone?
There's no rock bottom, the floor spins to the end,
down Ash Tree Lane.

Was I more myself naked with other people?
Will I ever be me to you again?
"Stop asking questions.
Stop freaking out.
I told them you were sleeping,
now just come back."

Our Languages are dead, oh but is it really such a shame.
We know everything has already been said anyway.
And who's blame but you and me for lacking any of our own individual thought, and just perpetuating these stagnant words.
But now I'm saying, "Emotion is art's heart..... and I'll be home in 3."
Track Name: Always Home
Everything unsaid, stacked in their boxes,
while the book without words writes itself.
And if hostility veils a weak consciousness,
then what does that say about this anger?

They say I'm Always Home,
compelled that I'm stuck home

So I can't be transient anymore, or lock jawed,
I'll write what I know and hold nothing back,
reach toward the orderly, infinite cosmos,
but fall back into my impermanent chaos:
That I'll water down, that I'll bundle up,
but whose grave's a dead forest around me,
to where I disappear sometimes, when I can't see myself,
cutting all over but never on my body.

You said I'm Always Home

Emotion can be wrong,
but emotion is all there is.
Track Name: Factor
What things were before is not what they are today.
I've learned that everything is impermanent long before.
Why do I have to keep learning it again and again and again?
I'm begging for one more instant of clarity in this oblivion of foggy questions.

If I die
Scatter my possessions
Put me to use
Read my words

Keep me for longer
Don't put me away
I can't claw out
Nooses everyday

Don't kill me further
I'm already gone
Don't obliterate me
Help me live on

I'd do the same
For anyone
Just hurts so badly
With my crosses gone

No mourning faces
No melted candles
No graves no coffins no tomb

What things were before is not what they are today.